"Second Chance" is the sequel to the story: "The Wish". It is recommended that you read it first, but this story can be read by itself. This story is © Bernard Doove 6/7/96.

by Bernard Doove

It had been a couple of months now since the fateful day that had irrevocably changed her life, and the white bear fem had reached a decision. Since the day the One Ring had transformed her into a hermaphrodite, she had sought any possible method of reversing the change. Immediately she had realised her predicament, she had sunk into despair. However, after a night of feeling utterly helpless, she had pulled her wits together, knowing that otherwise she might well sink into madness.

Initially she had searched for magical help, seeking another item of power or a talented mage to undo the spell. Her hopes were dashed after consulting with a well-respected authority on such objects as the One Ring. He informed her that spells of this nature could not be reversed and she was stuck with the change. After that, she briefly considered surgery, but realised that the changes to her were far more profound than just the physical aspects and she knew the results would be far from satisfactory.

She had been left with one final hope. She had to find another bear who could use the Ursine One Ring's wish to change her back to a normal female. But who would sacrifice their one and only wish for her? She had finally asked her best friend to have a quick chat in the staff lunch-room at a quiet moment when no others were around. As she made her way to meet her, she braced herself. She had been avoiding her and all others since the incident and she didn't know how she would react after being snubbed so often lately.

She stepped into the lunch-room where she saw her friend seated at a table with a mug of coffee. She was a beautiful young bear about her own age. Her fur was a soft silver-grey, and her hair, muzzle and chest fur were white. Not a creamy white like her own fur, but a pure snow white that was almost dazzling. As always since her change, her male side instantly took in her gorgeous looks and well-formed breasts, and the inevitable physical reactions occurred. She had long since stopped wearing any type of pants in public, instead wearing dresses which could conceal her embarrassing situation from everyone.

"Thanks for coming, Dianne," she said.

"I'm not the one who has been avoiding people, Marla," she replied. "I've been waiting for you to get over whatever has been tearing you up inside and turning you into a recluse."

" It's that problem that has brought me to you today. I didn't want to involve you in my troubles, but I've been left with no options."

"You should have come to me sooner. I thought that we were better friends than that."

"You're right," Marla said remorsefully. "It's just that the problem is so unusual and overwhelming. And now, after treating you so badly, here I am coming to you for help. I feel really rotten about this."

Her friend relented on seeing her sorry state. "Tell me about it. Let's try to work out your problem."

"I'll tell you everything, but not here where we can be interrupted. I need to show you something in total privacy. Can I come around to your house after work?"

"I've waited this long. A couple more hours won't matter. Cheer up; we can lick your problem, no matter what it is!"

Marla gave her a half-hearted smile. "If only it was that simple," she thought to herself.

*            *            *

Since missing out on a promotion and undergoing her unwanted change, Marla had merely been going through the motions at work, finding no joy in it anymore. She dropped everything at the stroke of four and hurried off to meet Dianne at her home. Despite her haste, Dianne had beaten her here and had time to change into some comfortable casual clothes. When she opened the door, Marla was nearly overcome by the desire for her conflicting with her normal female side. Dianne noticed her distressed state and, putting her arm around Marla's waist, gently encouraged her inside. Dianne's touch was soothing to both sides of her persona and she settled into a lounge chair with relief.

"One moment and I'll have some tea ready," Dianne said as she went to the kitchen. She quickly returned with freshly-brewed mugs of tea and some cake. She then settled into a chair and declared, "Okay, tell me what your problem is. Don't hesitate to tell me anything."

"It started the day I was passed over for promotion in favour of the boss's old school chum. I left in a rage that day, wanting to be able to get even with all men." She continued on describing how she had found the One Ring and discovered what it could do. Then she told her about her fateful wish.

"You wanted to become a man?" Dianne asked in disbelief. "But you haven't become one, and yet something has been affecting you. This is all unbelievable."

"I know. That is why I needed to see you in private. I have something to show you that will demonstrate the full extent of my problem."

With that, she stood up and, with her back turned, she pulled off her dress. As Dianne watched in great surprise, she dropped her panties. She drew a deep breath and then turned to face her friend.

Dianne gasped in shock to see Marla's very female body equipped with a very male penis in a fully erect state. "Marla, what have you done!? I can't believe my eyes. I.... I...." She was lost for words.

"I am now a hermaphrodite, in possession of a complete set of both male and female organs. And that's not all. I feel everything also as a male does. The reason that I've got an erection is that my male half lusts for you," she said with shame.

Dianne just sat there in silence for a few moments, pondering the ramifications of this. Then she said, "You obviously have been trying to find a way of undoing this and failed. What did you think that I could do for you?"

"I'm asking you to do the hardest thing anyone could require of you. I want you to use the One Ring's single wish to change me back. The ring can grant your heart's desire, but I'm begging you to use it for me instead."

"You've still got the ring? I thought you would have gotten rid of the thing after you had found it to be useless."

"I've kept it as a reminder of my folly, and to make me think something through first. Besides, it's too powerful to be left to wreak havoc on the next unsuspecting fool."

"Where is it then?"

"Right under your nose. I've worn the damn thing since that day." She held up her hand to show it.

"That's the One Ring? No wonder I found it so attractive every time I've glimpsed it. Could you give me a closer look?"

Marla took off the ring and handed it to Dianne who looked it over carefully. "It's hard to believe that such a little thing can have so much power. You said it spoke to you. What do you do?"

"Simply speak to it directly and it will respond."

"Tell me, what are you?" Dianne asked the ring.


"That's exactly what it said to me. Only at the time, I didn't realise that it meant that you only get one wish. Now you know everything. The ring is yours to do with as you wish. I'm just hoping that you will consider using it to help me."

Dianne looked her in the eyes and said, "That's easy. Sure I will use it to turn you back."

Marla was surprised by the quick answer and felt the beginnings of a gleam of hope. "You've decided so soon? Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. You're my very best friend, and I can't think of anything I'd rather do than to help you regain your happiness. And just to prove it, I won't muck around. Let's do it!" She turned her attention to the ring and, remembering the lesson learnt about concise phrasing of the wish, said "I wish that you turn Marla back into her normal female only state."


Marla felt faint and collapsed into her chair. Her last chance was destroyed. She felt numb and no longer cared what was happening, thus she did not hear Dianne speaking to the ring. After a short discussion, she made her demand of the ring.

"GRANTED!" intoned the One Ring.

Marla noticed that. She was lifted out of her misery by her curiosity about her friend's wish. She looked at her and saw a mixture of emotions crossing her face. This quickly cleared and she looked Marla in the eyes and said, "I have something to show you, my friend." She then quickly pulled off her slacks and panties to reveal that she too was now a hermaphrodite.

Marla was stunned. "Why? I would have done almost anything not to be this way, and yet you have done this to yourself deliberately. Why did you wish to become a hermaphrodite?"

"I didn't exactly. It's my turn to make a confession. I've been keeping a secret from you too. You see, since I became sexually mature, I've known that I was bisexual. The male feelings you have had are not unknown to me, but I've usually kept them hidden. But now I have to tell you something that I've wanted to say in a long time. I love you Marla. I have been in love with you almost since the day we met. I never said anything before because I knew that you were straight. My wish to the ring basically was to turn me into your ideal lover, and it seems that means another hermaphrodite. Marla, if you cannot be normal again, let me show you how to cope with a dual sexuality. I love you and only want to make you happy. That is why I was so quick to try to use the ring to turn you back to female only, even though I didn't want it that way. Please Marla, give me the chance to show you that this can be a wonderful lifestyle," Dianne pleaded.

Marla was overwhelmed. So much had happened to her, and now this. But it did explain why she always felt so comfortable with Dianne. She had always been virtually radiating happiness to be with her, and now she knew why. "She's done all this for me," she thought. "It's time I stopped thinking only about how this affects me and started considering how it affects those around me. How could I do less than what Dianne was prepared to do?"

She looked at Dianne who was waiting with an air of nervous, hopeful anticipation. She was still wearing only her fur and, once again, Marla felt her male side longing for her. But this time she also sensed her female side noticing Dianne's male aspects. For the first time since she knew she had been changed, Marla gave in completely to her feelings. She stepped up to her and took her hands. Holding them firmly, she looked at her and said, "You have been my truest friend for so long. Will you now be my lover?"

The look of unadulterated joy on Dianne's face was enough of an answer. She hugged her in a way that said that she would never let her go again.

With a sly look on her face, Marla said "Come on. Let me show you how to use that new equipment of yours." She then pulled Dianne in the direction of the bedroom and found that she needed no more encouragement. That night was to be the most supremely happy time of their lives.

*             *             *

Marla turned the key in the lock and opened the front door of her home. The aroma of dinner cooking wafted out to her and made her mouth water in anticipation. She called out, "Honey, I'm home!" She had moved in with Dianne, and whoever got there first after work would start the evening meal.

Much had happened since that wonderful night that she had learned to accept herself. She had quit her old job, much to the dismay of their incompetent boss, and now had an even better-paying and more rewarding career at a small but very successful software firm. Dianne had showed her how to deal with her dual nature, and she had gotten comfortable enough to start dating men again, a fact that Dianne had been very happy to see her accomplish. She still had a boyfriend too, but both knew that their dearest love was for each other. Only one thing had complicated this lately though.

Dianne came out to meet her and gave her a greeting hug. This was no longer as easy as it once was, as both of them were very pregnant, which is why their dating had been somewhat restricted lately. In the final demonstration of the power of the One Ring, they had proven that their male halves were fully potent by impregnating each other. Now they eagerly waited to see what their children would turn out to be: boy, girl or herm! And if their friends, who knew that the two fems lived together, asked who the father was, they would just grin and point at each other. Of course no one believed it, but that was just fine by them. They had found their perfect relationship and life was good.

Story © 1996 Bernard Doove.   Illustration © 1996 Terrie Smith.

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