Amnesty is Granted
by Allen Fesler

To: Neal Foster of the good ship Folly
From: Chakat Desertwind Foster of the good ship Father’s Love

Subject: Forgiveness

As you know, I have never been able to forgive you for the way you reacted when my sister Tailspin was cub-napped. I could never understand how someone could be so loving and caring yet could then turn into such an inhuman killing machine.

I have heard that chakats can do something similar if their cubs are threatened, but I had passed it off as nonsense, our empathic abilities wouldn’t let us do such a thing. Or at least that was what I had always believed.

Well, we had a little ‘incident’ a short while back that proved that I knew less than I thought I did about myself and those around me. Blossom was in danger and I felt hir fear. Though shi is only my niece, I reacted like shi was my cub and went to defend hir. By the time I got there, someone I didn’t know well had already resolved the issue, but in my state I misunderstood and tried to attack him (you will be happy to know that Dreamweaver was there to keep me from making a very big mistake.)

There was a raw fury that anyone would dare threaten or harm one of ‘mine’ – it almost took me over. Is that what you feel? I wasn’t on board when Father’s Love (which at the time was named Frequency Modulated) was attacked by pirates. Is that why you hunt them? To protect us as well as the others you call friend? I wasn’t thinking, just reacting and I almost hurt the wrong person. Your attacks always seemed so focused, so controlled. Were you just hiding your fury better? I remember you all but going into hiding at times. Were we (or others) pushing you too hard or too far?

All these questions and more I’ve been forced to ask myself. I don’t think I like the person I’ve been to you these past years. It didn’t help that others didn’t see you the way I did, a loose cannon with a short fuse. I actually heard you called that while I was in Star Fleet. Someone had commented on several pirates disappearing about the same time Folly had gone through an area, and the discussion of what should be done about you got rather lively. The XO broke it up with the parting shot, ‘If he’s a loose cannon, why is his aim so damn good?’ He then assigned everyone present with tasks relating to actions of the Folly. While others hunted for pirates that ran into problems when you were around, my task was Folly being there at just the right time with just what was needed to save lives. I had forgotten all about the dam collapse on Sy Regmon 4, but several of those there had given very vivid accounts of you that day. From the story at the spaceport of a shuttle pilot tipping over a fully loaded pod and dumping valuable carriers out of it, to those rescued by a pod scooping them out of rushing waters, you made quite an impact on that planet.

There were other rescues, though most didn’t even know who had saved them. I found they didn’t know about a couple you did while we were still on board, I guess you were better at not being caught than I had thought. After all the groups had finished their research, our XO dumped it in one large file that we all had access to. He had added one line to the bottom, it said: ‘Would it be safe to mess with someone with a record of doing what he’s done?’ What replies there were were all negative …

Dreamweaver just ‘checked’ on me; seems shi didn’t like the funk shi felt me slipping into … (Sometimes there are disadvantages of having siblings that can feel me doing that so easily.  No, on second thought, maybe not.)

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m starting to understand you through learning more about myself. I’m sorry for a lot of the things I’ve said and done. I feel I owe you few million hugs and lick-kisses (when I mentioned it to the others, Sprinter said a gazillion, but I don’t think shi realizes just how many that is.) Like that song you have (I don’t know how to love him) ‘can we start again, please?’

Your daughter, Desertwind


Neal sat in his dayroom, rereading the letter again. He was more than a little worried about whatever ‘incident’ had brought about this change of heart because none of the other messages from Father’s Love even hinted that something important had happened … Leaving that as something he would have to have a word with Dreamweaver about, he tried to think of a proper reply for Desertwind. A slight smirk formed as he noticed again that shi had referred to one of the older songs in his collection – a collection that they just happened to have a complete copy of. Bringing up the play list for that era, he hunted for what he wanted. Appending the category label and number to the letter, he smiled as he set it to ‘return to sender’.



Desertwind stared in confusion at the reply in front of hir. Dreamweaver tried to not smile at hir sister’s jaw hanging down. Not only had Neal had a few words to say about being left in the dark, he had hinted that their holosuite computer would know what to do with the code.

Gently taking the PADD from Desertwind, Dreamweaver pulled hir sister up and led hir to one of their ‘great rooms’. While both had been converted to holosuites, this one was usually set up like their old exercise and entertainment room. Placing the PADD on the entertainment interface shi said, "Convert code and play please."

"Hmmm, oldie stuff," the computer replied. "Authorization code, please?"

"Put another nickel in, in the nickelodeon," shi said with a smile at the silly ‘password’ Phillip had added to the system.

Desertwind frowned as the music started, this was his answer? Then the words started …

"Love's an hourglass
It goes out wide then comes in closer
Time ticks away
Drifts away leaving empty sanded shoulders oh to cry on
Who said that love could last forever
Oh, I'm growing tired of feeling like I do"

True enough, hir eyes were already misting over, wishing to cry on his shoulder.

"As we drift apart
Little secrets come between us
As we sail away
Feelin' comfort in the distance
You said that love would last forever
Oh but neither one of us will ever surrender"

But that was wrong! Shi wanted to surrender! To beg forgiveness.

"There's a time
There's a place
A change of heart
About face
This is about love
It's about forgiveness"

Forgiveness? Then shi had a chance?

"Tell me now, tell me like it is
You don't have to give
Amnesty is granted
What's done is done, for everyone
Come on baby let's start again right now
Amnesty, amnesty, amnesty is granted

Amnesty is granted"

Dreamweaver caught hir as shi collapsed in relief. They held each other as the song continued and Desertwind unsure when the others joined them but shi found hirself in the center of a group hug as the song ended and shi realized shi could go ‘home’.

"What's done is done, for everyone
Come on baby wanta start again right now
Amnesty, amnesty, amnesty is granted …"

(Meat LoafAmnesty is Granted)


Copyright © 2010 Allen "Redbear1158" Fesler

Chakats and the Chakat Universe are the creation of Bernard Doove and are used with his permission.


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