A Brief Overview Of The Faleshkarti

by Bernard Doove © 2000

The Faleshkarti are a recently-contacted space-faring race. They were first encountered when a Federation scoutship came across one of their colony vessels. They proved to be a fairly friendly people, although with a strong territorial possessiveness. However, apart from a firm warning not to try claiming any of the habitable planets in the area, relationships were quite cordial. The scoutship was directed to their homeworld, Namath, where they did an initial survey of the planet and its people.

The first thing that stood out was that they all seemed to be female. Closer study showed that they were yet another hermaphrodite species, leading scientists to speculate whether bisexual races were far more prevalent than previously estimated. The average members of this species stand about 140cm (4ft 7in) tall and vaguely resemble fennec foxes, although their fur colour varies considerably. Adults are quite buxom and clothing is cut to emphasise this as much as any Terran female. However, they in fact possess two pair of mammaries. The second (lower) pair do not develop like the others except in about 2% of the population. These individuals are considered exotic and lucky, but truthfully, the second pair tend to get in the way and makes it difficult for them to bend forward. Aside from this, their general shape is blatantly female and is only altered by the presence of a penile bulge. They donít have a sheath so much as an extension of the folds of the labia to form a pocket for the flaccid penis. This arrangement gives the erect penis a large degree of comfortable movement. (Note: There are no external testes.) A codpiece is as common a fashion item as halters and bras on their world, but genetalia and breasts may be proudly displayed as often as they are covered up or enhanced.

Unlike chakats who have their cyclical male and female phases, or other races with their balanced psyches, the Faleshkarti are intensely female in their attitude and preference, except when they go into rut. They have an extremely high libido, but seem to be only attracted to members of their own race. They showed no interest in any of the visiting Federation species and remarked that they found our mostly single-sex members inadequate. Amongst themselves though, they seem to be nearly insatiable. The biggest problem that their world faces is severe overpopulation brought on by this very trait. Initial studies indicate that the Faleshkarti spend most of their waking hours either working or copulating. The instinct to mate seems to override most other needs and has had some interesting consequences. The arts have suffered the most. Thereís no evidence of any form of drama in the form of theatre or cinema, music is very primitive and painting rather limited. What there is of the latter artform is almost exclusively on sexually oriented material ranging from what we would consider harmless cheesecake, all the way to explicit material. Their architecture tends to be dull and utilitarian, but clothing is a riot of colours and designs which, like everything on this world, are made with sexual allure in mind. Basically, the Faleshkarti only put effort into artistic efforts that promote this, which has left their species quite poor culturally.

Federation scientists are rather mystified as to how such a species could evolve sentience when it seems that their species main survival technique is breeding copiously. Even bearing in mind that they are relatively small, weak and ill-equipped naturally to defend themselves, intelligence is a surprising development as a survival mechanism. Nevertheless, they are quite intelligent and very smart when it comes to technology. They need to be. A great deal of their efforts go into coping with their huge population. Establishing colonies on their two moons helped relieve some of the population pressure at the time, but now that task has been taken up by the giant colony ships.

It is thought that their proclivity for uncontrolled breeding may actually prove to be a concern for other Federation members as they consume a large portion of that sectorís land and resources. They have already demonstrated a willingness to covet territory, and it's unknown what would happen if their ever-growing need for living space brings them into conflict with us. Despite the Federationís desire not to interfere with any given species, it has been decided to send a combination study team/population experts group to Namath to see what they can do to convince them of the benefits of birth control, if not just for the benefit of that species, but for the good of the entire Stellar Federation. The results of this can be read in the story – And The Children Shall Lead – which reveals many of the Faleshkarti's secrets.

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