Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumb...
By J.L. Atwood

    The day ended for us as it began; in the bedroom. I was just exiting the shower, still a bit damp in the roots of my coat when my mate entered, carrying our bundle of joy; Sweetwind. Sweet was anything but at the moment; cranky and overtired, shi was ready for hir last nurse of the night and then bed. Blue handed hir to me and I dropped my towel on our pallet and laid on it, crouching down and stretching out so I could cradle hir with my arms and forehands as shi nursed. Shi nestled hir rear into the cup of my forehands, my arms supporting hir as shi nosed sleepily around until she found a nipple and began to noisily suck. Shi would probably drop off as shi finished; she usually had to be pried off the last nipple and carried to bed. I wasn't far after usually, since something about the act makes me sleepy and relaxed as well.

   I lean back a bit letting hir weight rest on my chest a bit more. Sweet was getting big and heavy, as shi got older. Blue nestled down beside me, digging out some of our brushes from the vanity. Taking one up, shi began to course it over my hips and haunches, working from the back to the front to avoid disturbing Sweet.

   "How was your day?" Shi purred at me, following it with a yawn as hir hands and brush coursed over my side.

   "Long. They're coming out with a new model and I have to go over all the specs. Whoever did it did a crummy job, and I've got a lot to correct. You?"

   "Pretty normal. The kids managed not to eat each other today." While I am a computer technician, my mate is a school teacher. I let my eyes close, slowly drifting in the sea of sensation. Our cub stirred, and then moved halfheartedly to the other nipple, hir suckling becoming erratic. Softly, I began to purr to both of them, hoping to coax Sweet to drop off. Blue leaned, peering at the sleepy Sweet.

   "Almost gone..." Shi grinned at me and went back to hir brushing. Hir fingers tickled the based of my tail, hir signal for me to rise up so shi can get the whole of my legs and chest. Leaning heavily on my forehands, I extend my hind legs so that my hips and abdomen clear the floor. Blue gets to work, smoothing the slightly-mussed fur and encouraging it to finish drying. I endeavored to keep Sweet as still as possible.

   We're a tactile species, and are known to be somewhat less than chaste. Inevitably, hir fingers frisked a bit too far and stroked the soft and lightly furred skin of my sheath and gave a playful cup. I grumped at hir, playfully of course,

   "Careful; that's sensitive right now." Blue leaned back and cocked hir head, then grinned a bit impishly.

   "Why, so it should be." Shi nipped a bit at my haunch, letting hir fingers tickle the length of my sheath, finding where it swelled quickest and rubbing hir fingers there.

   "You're... you're... incorrigible!" Shi giggled, that sweet little sexy laugh that usually meant shi had naughty no good on hir mind, and licked again at my hip. I wanted to squirm a bit, but with Sweet in my arms I had to stay still as possible. Shi was too young to really ask any unusual questions, but that didn't mean I wanted hir waking up. I nuzzled Sweet's head as my mate's fingers teased and tickled my shaft from its sheath, hir fingertips paying special attention to the sensitive tip and lower side until I stood proudly out, stiff and taunt to such a degree that lying down would be painful. I cast a glance back and shi grinned at me, and licked hir fingers and palm. Shi took me full in hand and pulled down the length, a strong and slow stroke that returned much the same way and set my hind legs quivering.

   Like this shi teased me for a good half of an hour, slacking up when I showed signs of heading for orgasm and leaving me trembling only to begin again, and only my armful of cub kept me from leaping on hir and ravishing hir silly; which of course was the point. I tried to stay as quiet and relaxed as possible while my mate stroked and rubbed my iron-hard shaft and nearly brought me to completion time and time again. The frustration, I must admit, nearly drove me mad... but at the same time it was so incredibly delicious. Hir every touch was like fire, electricity that sent my muscles clenching as I tried not to release.

   Finally, I must have started to lose my control because shi suddenly changed tactics. Shi dropped to hir side and curled hir head beneath my haunches, licking my stomach and inner thighs before turning to work on the shaft. There's a certain technique to oral love when your mouth is full of sharp teeth and a rough tongue, but Blue has one of the sweetest mouths blessed on the chakat race. Shi used hir smooth lips and the back of hir tongue, with just slight applications of the rougher surface at just the right times. Hir hand reached back and slid a finger into my pussy, sliding in and out slowly and gently; something I enjoy even at the height of my hardest male cycle. 

   With something like a sucked-in breath and a sigh I hit another peak and passed it, my cock jumped and splashed my seed over the inside of hir muzzle; the tremors were deep but at the same time quiet, and she gently licked it away with a careful tongue and stripping fingers that emptied me completely. After a moment of careful cleanup shi slid out and stood up, kissing my weary face as shi pried the now dead-asleep cub off my too-stiff nipple. And I?  I don't remember too much after that, except waking up the next morning and giving hir much the same in return. But that, my dears, is a story for another time.




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