NO-NOS – a list of the things that don't belong in the Chakat Universe


There ain't no such thing in the Chakat Universe! As the Star Trek series more than adequately showed, a one-size-fits-all law just does not work. In fact it might be counter-productive. The Federation has strong guidelines and personnel trained in First Contact situations, but they recognise that some situations need to be dealt with on the fly.

Which brings me to...


Although there are Caitians and a few technical references that have been grandfathered into the canon, it is a big mistake to make direct comparisons to Star Trek in any way. It's also a mistake to start dragging in other movies and TV series such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Sliders, Stargate, Transformers, etcetera, etcetera. The Chakat Universe is a work in progress, but one where we will not be borrowing a lot from other sources. If you really want me to lose interest in your story, start quoting stuff from other fictional universes.



Yes, there is advanced nanotechnology. Yes, it is used for various manufacturing techniques. Yes, there are medical applications. However, none of it is the extreme science-fiction stuff seen on TV or the movies. It is not a near miraculous technology that can accomplish nearly anything. Always remember that in this universe, the emphasis has always been on advanced genetic engineering. Nanotechnology may assist in this purpose, but it is not the same as using nanites to do many fabulous things. Please keep it in perspective. Also, with regard to Star Dancer's species, their nanites could be more closely regarded as inorganic lifeforms, just as we have organic cellular structures. Comparing them to our nanotechnology is like comparing a sub-space comm to a carrier pigeon!



Short answer – no. Long answer – aside from all the time paradoxes and the violation of the laws of physics, it's a cop-out. Having said that, I've read some entertaining time-travel stories, but they all take these things into account and use them well. This is not one of those scenarios, however. Aside from such time effects such as experienced at relativistic speeds, there isn't going to be any time travel... with one possible exception: Current theories allow for the possibility of going sideways in time – in other words, alternate universes. Having said that, I don't want to be inundated with stories of inter-universal travellers, please. We already have one on the books!



Let's face it – in the Chakat Universe, most of the emphasis went into improving and repairing people through genetic engineering. Cyborg technology lags a lot behind because of this. There are no super-soldiers or such. Cybernetic prostheses are just an adjunct to the medical arts and never quite as good as the real thing. I know the Borg have turned up in older tales. This was before I started cracking down on non-canon stuff, so please don't shove that in my face.



It is canon that a species change can be made via genetic engineering, provided you have several truckloads of money and a great deal of time on your hands to get it done. (See Liska from "Star Dancer".) However, that is biped to biped. That's a casual walk in the park compared to trying to convert a biped to a taur. Bottom line – it can't be done.


More no-nos may be added at a later date as they occur to me.


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The Chakat Universe is also the creation of Bernard Doove. However, I wish to acknowledge that the contributions from many people who have written stories, created background material, and drawn illustrations which have all added immensely to my vision. Thanks go out to each and every one of you!

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