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Introduction to Skunktaurs.

The following is an account of my character's particular race. Greatly inspired by Bernard Doove's Chakats, a general knowledge about them is desirable before you start reading this text (The link to 'The Chakat's Den' is given in the list for convenience). It is by no means meant to be a fixed handle on how all Skunktaurs are supposed to be, such as not every feline 'taur is a Chakat. It's just how I envision the Chakat-kin Skunktaur to be. Before you go on, please let it be noted that most (if not almost all) in these pages is alike to the original text from Mr Doove. I used his transcript as a handle so that I wouldn't forget any necessary details, and some things just can't be altered without totally ruining the entire concept. I have tried to give all the text a new twist on wording so it will still be interesting to read even if you know the original version. Mr. Doove has been so polite as to edit my original text. Also, as the original read turned out to be quite big, I've cut the text up into chapters. Just click on any of the following buttons to go to the chapter in question.
Read on now, and understand the curious world of:

Skunktaur; Chakat-kin.

click The history of Skunktaur society.
click Physical and Mental characteristics of the Skunktaur.
click The Social and Political standing of the Skunktaur.
click Notes on Skunktaur Gender.
click General Facts about Skunktaurs.
click The Skunktaur Archipelago.
click Some Skuntaur personalities.
click To The Chakat's den; 'The Introduction to Chakat' can be found there.

Skunktaurs and the article Skunktaur; Chakat-kin is 1999 Bob Reijns. Chakats are 1999 Bernard Doove.