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A scene from my story, episode 3 of "The Admiral & The Chakat: Ceremony". The Admiral surprises Quickpaw with a kiss while hir parents, Desertsand and Longstripe watch.
Commissioned drawing of a six-legged taur tigress. Character copyright David Green.
Mr. Robinson, a human, gifts a vixen with a jewelled choker. Illustration for Will Sanborn's story: The Game Of The Hunt.
"Hoofing It". A digitigrade hoofed fem that I did just because I don't see many done that way.
A chakat gives a horsey ride to a vixen cub. An illustration for the story Turning Point by Will Sanborn.
My friend MayFurr came visiting my den one day and couldn't resist poking his muzzle into everything, including my Taur Transmogrifier. The funny thing is, he didn't even notice at first. MayTaur... er... MayFurr © Terry Knight.
"Hermaphrodite Parents" An illustration for my story Second Chance. These hermaph ladies are bearing each other's baby.
Behold! The mighty hunter! Well, this chakat cub is certainly proud of hir efforts anyway.
"The Man With The Golden Fur". Espionage has its ups and downs.
First illustrated page of my booklet, An Introduction To Chakats.
Second illustrated page of my booklet, An Introduction To Chakats.
Third illustrated page of my booklet, An Introduction To Chakats. This chakat image was expanded and coloured. See "look-to.gif".
Chakat Goldfur introduces hir new mate, Garrek Redfox, to hir family. An illustration for "A Forest Tale 3: Fulfilment".
Chakat Goldfur introduces hir friend Midnight to hir sister Forestwalker and Forest's mates. An illustration for "A Forest Tale 2: Introductions".
Illustration for Will Sanborn's story: Joining The Chorus. A shy young Rrakith is encouraged to express herself with the group.
"Jagafeh Ripclaw". My interpretation of the alter-ego of my friend Jason Gaffney.
My best drawing of Goldfur to date. Only that upraised arm spoils it. As for the fence, I must have been on medication when I drew that perspective! The quote is a theriopangram that contains all the letters of the alphabet in one sentence.
"Can I open just a small one?" A chakat cub is impatient to open hir Christmas presents.
Kah'lah, a zaftig kitsune, is near to giving birth to her child. The father, Admiral Kline, proudly holds her, stroking her swollen belly.
"View From A Kassar Shop". The kassar shops are the popular meeting places for both young and old Rrakith. The scenery behind them shows a typical Rramatharran city which resembles a Terran industrial park.
Commission picture of Keciyl, a hermaphrodite felinoid with solid black fur. That's a scar on hir cheek. She's keeping watch over the grassy plains from hir vantage point in a dead tree. Character is the creation of Tom Montgomery. Please don't steal her!
A beautiful skunk femme is dressed up for an elegant evening.
A portrait of Lashka, the black panthress, clad in her typical outfit. Lashka is © her player.
A foxtaur vixen who has just come of age, is to be given her first lessons in how to make love with the very willing tutelage of Chakat Goldfur. An illustration for my story: "A Forest Tale 4: Family".
My impression of my furry friend Lindgold. Character © 1997 Grant Preston.
"Lion's Pride". A male lion wearing jeans and a smile. He has something to be proud about.
"Looking To A Bright Future". A chakat explorer watches the sunrise from a hilltop.
A wolf morph howling for the loss of a friend. This drawing was based on a postcard picture I got while touring Yosemite national park and I felt that it could dramatically display heartfelt emotion.
This is Lucinda showing off her new bikinis.
Amandajéan Snowpaws does a tantalising striptease for her lifemate, Neptune.
Is this Man's Best Friend?
My interpretation of MayFurr, the alter ego of Terry Knight, a fine furry friend of mine from New Zealand.
A chakat musician shows off the versatility of pawhands.
Misa is just a super-cute otter girl. I drew this one especially for South Fur Lands.
A little bat girl, based on a picture of a real life bat.
"Making New Bonds" #1: Time To Leave. Illustration for Will Sanborn's story.
"Making New Bonds" #2: Bonding. Illustration for Will Sanborn's story.
What else do you expect of a mouse, but cheesecake?
My personal favorite chakat. Isn't shi cute? Shi is just a teenager but shi's growing up nicely. This piece was done for Moonwind's sketchbook.
A young cheetah is already showing that he has the makings of a new champion.
A young feline lad is somewhat disappointed with the mouse that he was promised.
An illustration of a tender moment between Forestwalker and Admiral Kline. Illo for my story.
A pregnant chakat wonders if the sign really applies to hir!
An adventurous chakat kitten climbs a tree and onto a branch... then gets stuck! Now what???
Megan "Nutmeg" Nuthall, a lovely squirrel lass.
Re-scanned June 1999
Who says you need to be an aquatic morph to be a good swimmer. This vixen reckons that she's got a pretty good chance.
Vicki Fox tries out for the sprint, but soon finds out that she's badly outclassed. Vicki Fox is © and Trademark to Mike Russell.
Skunkette Down-Under series #2: Getting There. Our travelling skunkette is less than happy that the emergency oxygen masks have dropped down ... and they haven't even left the ground! Idea by AltarSkunk.
This is my page in the South Fur Lands artist jam chronicling our experiences at OzCon 5, the 1996 Australian entertainment industry convention.
Patrick & Erin. He has a problem and she seeks to reassure him. Scene from a story that will soon be published. Characters © David McGrath.
A skunkess checks out her evening dress in the mirror to make sure everything is perfect for her big night out.
Someone is pulling a fast one on Mike. This picture was done as a pick-me-up for Mike Curtis who had recently lost an eye to cancer.
Admiral Kline and Chakat Forestwalker enjoy a private picnic and other pleasurable activities.
Commission pic of Lieutenant PlumYayin, a chakat character created by Tom Montgomery. I used an inkbrush for this version, but the final piece will be in colour.

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