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Coloured pencil version of Plum Yayin.
My black cat fem gives her mate a sexy private dance.
Deer lady is delighted by her suitor's proposal.
Male cheetah working with weights in a gym.
You've heard of a horse of a different colour? Well here's a skunk of a different colour!
Purteshka is a foxtaur vixen from my Forest Tales series. Here she's in her robe of office in her role of Justice & Enforcement, but when she takes off the robe, she is simply known a Purteshka the Leatherworker.
This is an early drawing of Quickpaw, the chakat cub playing squash. I've rather changed hir appearance since doing this!
Where else would you find an otter but at the bathing facilities. However, for furries, they can be most unusual.
Quinn and Shanda. Characters © Mike Curtis.
The beautiful skunkette guest star of The E'lantii Letters. Character © Silverfox Publications.
This is Qurisami, an Itiriqu sorceress. Commission picture of a character based on an African Linsang.
My black cat, Rachel, at the beach.
A cute raccoon girl cub.
My black cat, Rachel, wearing lacy panties and stockings. Her face was done in the Michele Light style.
"Ram-Bo" A play on words. Don't mess with this sheep!
"Ranger Chakat". Another early chakat design. Originally shaded with home-made shade sheets, I decided to colour it later. Unfortunately the dot shading made a funny pattern effect when scanned.
This picture was done by request of a friend who wanted me to draw a rat-taur. I had his own alter-ego find a transmogrifier and let his curiosity do the rest. Ooops! I don't think he's sure how to take his change in status.
Chakat Forestwalker climbs down a cliff face to rescue an injured hiker. Scene from my story: A Forest Tale #1: Reunion.
Commissioned picture of Rhydia, a snow leopard/panther cross.
Concept drawing #1 of a Rrakith, an alien feline hermaphrodite race. Profile view.
"Angry Rrakith" The Rrakith are an alien felinoid species that get a shock when they first encounter humans. The Rrakith are the co-creation of Will Sanborn and Bernard Doove. Stories about the Rrakith can be found at Will's Creative Writing website.
Concept drawing #3 of a Rrakith, an alien feline hermaphrodite race, seen full-frontal and aroused.
Sabrina, the skunk sorceress supreme.
Sabrina 2: "Symbols"
The inks for a picture that I'm doing of Chakat Sandwalker.
Desiree reacts in horror when she realises that their love-making has been discovered. Illustration for the Grasslands stories by Matt McCullar. Characters © 1997 Matt.
A well-endowed feline lass quite enjoys swimming... topless!
Ladies who have been pregnant can appreciate this one. A picture of Trina Snowfox at about eight months.
Rascal features on the cover of South Fur Lands issue 2. This is the Australasian furry magazine featuring many great pictures and stories. See the SFL website for more information.
Cover illustration for South Fur Lands #6 featuring Kylie trying to rein in the over-enthusiastic illustrator.
Cover illustration for South Fur Lands #10. Celebrating ten issues of friendship in Australia / New Zealand furrydom.
Cover illo for South Fur Lands #16. Homage to Miguel Estrugo's Three Apples story.
Sharra, a squirrel morph, wearing only a bikini bottom.
Chakat Sherlock reaches futilely for help as the vacuum of space pulls hir inexorably through a burst portal. I drew this as an illo for John Plunkett's excellent Star Dancer story. Unfortunately, I made hir upper torso far too lean. Shi's supposed to be very strongly built.
"Shutting Up Dantaur" On a visit to Dantaur's den, he was asked to stop yipping so much. This image came to mind and I quickly sketched it out.
My first quickie attempt at drawing with a digital pad.
"Sissy" My slightly cross-eyed but sexy mouse miss. An older toony style that I've since stopped doing.
This handsome fellow is the son of a skunk mother and a wolf father and has inherited some of his looks from both.
A skunk lass wanted to try out my Taur Transmogrifier. She looks quite happy with the result.
A toony skunktaur lad. This is actually a two-artist affort. Killjoy sketched the lower torso, then I cleaned it up and added the upper torso.
A quick skunktaur drawing done at Further Confusion 2001.
A black-footed ferret-taur, done just for fun. Come play a game of Slinkyball!
Rrakith cubs on Earth are discovering snow for the first time. But that's no way to build a snowman. Illustrates Will Sanborn's short story.
A pregnant wolf bitch, not long before birth. Greyscale version.
Colour version of Soon.
A radiantly happy mother-to-be.
A human boy spars with his Rrakith classmate. An illustration for Will Sanborn's story Trying To Fit In.
"Splashdown Imminent." Forestwalker discovers too late that the path shi is on leads to a river bank. Illustration for Forest Tales #5.
A Spontoon Island native eagerly carries a basket of fruit to yet another fun beach party.
Stargazer is a most unusual person. It's obvious that shi's a herm, but that isn't what so strange about hir. Shi's the child of a chakat mother and a biped cougar-morph father. Shi possesses all of hir mother's attributes, including dual sexuality, except for being a taur. In outer looks, shi takes after hir father. Normally interbreeding between a taur and a biped is impossible, but Stargazer's mother (Coaldust) is the grandchild of Admiral Kline, the human who can interbreed with any mammalian species. What wasn't known until Coaldust became pregnant was that the Admiral's ability was inheritable, so the cub came as a big (but pleasant) surprise. Stargazer likes being a herm, but favours hir female side. The trouble is trying to snag a boyfriend despite being a herm. Here shi's nervously showing him for the first time hir true nature. Can he accept hir for what shi is? (Theme for a future story.)
Hair in her face and stars in her eyes.
Malena steps out for the evening, dressed in style... for a clan foxtaur, that is! Isn't it a gorgeous armband?
Goldfur gives Stinken a birthday kiss. Stinken © Ken Singshow.
A chakat stretches as only a feline can. A pencil sketch done for a black book while I was in America.
Teenage raccoon girl studying hard.
This shows why it is not a good idea to throw a surprise party for a skunk. Idea & birthday boy: AltarSkunk.

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