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Thumbnail Title, Artist, Rating & Description
Tina   Artist: Kacey Miyagami [G]

Tina the fennec foxtaur takes a Japanese style bath.
Hunter   Artist: ??? [G]

A cattaur goes hunting.
Making Her Offer Clear   Artist: Kacey Miyagami [M]

Garrek is slightly taken aback by this fennec foxtaur's brazen offer. She may be small, but she's fully adult and very desirable. Garrek is a red foxtaur, the largest of the foxtaur breeds, while the fennec foxtaurs are the smallest breed. Nevertheless, they can still interbreed, and this vixen has big strong kits in mind.
Kassi   Artist: Thornwolf [G]

A portrait of Kassi, the foxtaur vixen mate of Garrek.
Melinda   Artist: Charon2 [G]

Pretty Melinda.
Merta   Artist: Opal Weasel [G]

Merta is a very vain foxtaur vixen.
Exuberance   Artist: Unknown [G]

A very exuberant foxtaur vixen.
Uh-Oh   Artist: Talbona [A]

Talbona realises that the cubs are about to come.
Dance To Your Own Music   Artist: Unknown [G]

Even if you don't have any instruments, you can make your own music.
Taur Tatti   Artist: Lim Gou Liang [G]

Tatti in taur-form.
Thayla   Artist: Opal Weasel [G]

Portrait of the foxtaur vixen, Thayla. She is an elder who lost her mate, but found another in Garrek. Thayla's distinguishing feature is the lack of the normal brown "boot" on her right foreleg.
Luna   Artist: Unknown [G]

Luna shows off hir herm foxtaur form.
White Foxtaur   Artist: Sara Palmer [G]

A brooding foxtaur vixen.
Stargazing   Artist: Sara Palmer [G]

Malena sits on the grass under the night sky, watching the stars and contemplating her future.
Wolftaur Statuette   Artist: Michele Gault [A]

This cheeky wolftaur fellow shows off his best points.
Paw check   Artist: ??? [A]

This pretty leopardtaur checks her hind paw for problems.
Arctic Foxtaur   Artist: ??? [A]

An Arctic foxtaur shows her goodies.
Domina   Artist: Talbona [M]

Domina, the very pregnant jaguartaur.
Pregnant Goldfur   Artist: Talbona [M]

An equally pregnant Chakat Goldfur.
Xesia   Artist: Catreece [G]

Xesia, the herm sphinx. Or is it a chakat just playing as one?
Acid Taur   Artist: PuppehKat [M]

The character, Acid, as a taur.
The Thinker   Artist: PuppehKat [M]

Acid in a variation of "The Thinker" pose.
Dovertaur & Comfortaur   Artist: John "The Gneech" Robey [G]

Dover and Comfort as taurs.
Primitive Hunter   Artist: Barbara Utzinger [G]

A primitive style hunter cattaur.
Jungle Hunter   Artist: Unknown [G]

A jungle hunter cattaur.
Liontaurs   Artist: Monika Livingstone [G]

A male and female liontaur being playful. Original airbrush T-shirt art.
Snowleopardtaur Water Bearer   Artist: Monika Livingstone [G]

A snowleopardtaur bearing a fancy water urn. Original airbrush T-shirt art.
Chattin' With Goldfur   Artist: ??? [G]

Nona gets distracted by a couple of handsome foxtaur tods while chatting with Goldfur.
Twostar   Artist: ??? [G]

The purple-eyed chakat, Twostar.
Articataur   Artist: Opal Weasel [M]

Artica as a foxtaur.
Silkpaws   Artist: Talon [G]

Chakat Silkpaws.
Silkpaws Shows Off   Artist: Opal Weasel [A]

Silkpaws again, showing what shi has to offer.
Super Collie-taur   Artist: Terry Knight [G]

Super Collie has been taured, but she doesn't seem too happy about it.
Psychodelic!   Artist: ??? [G]

That's one psychodelic taur!
The Chase   Artist: ??? [G]

The bunny is in a run for his life from the cheetahtaur lady hot on his heels. Will he make it, or will she dine well tonight?
I'm Too Sexy   Artist: ??? [A]

This guy knows he's sexy.
Chakat Sculpture   Artist: Roy D. Pounds II [G]

Sculpture of Chakat Midnight, view 1.
Chakat Sculpture   Artist: Roy D. Pounds II [G]

Sculpture of Chakat Midnight, view 2.
Chakat Study   Artist: Eugene Arenhaus [G]

A study of a chakat.
Well Prepared   Artist: Jeremiah Wolf [G]

This chakat seems well prepared for the job ahead of hir.
Running   Artist: Scale [G]

Chakasa Fuocoblu seen running.
Fuocoblu and Bat   Artist: Scale [G]

Chakasa Fuocoblu holds a bat in hir fore handpaw.
Grooming   Artist: Scale [G]

Chakasa Fuocoblu grooms hirself.
Pensive   Artist: Laura "Gilda" Rimessi [G]

Fuocoblu in a pensive mood.
Fuocoblu   Artist: Opal Weasel [G]

Quick sketch of Fuocoblu.
Chakasa Design   Artist: Serena [M]

A prototype chakasa design.
She Breathes!   Artist: Scale [A]

The newly born chakasa cub takes hir first breath, much to everyone's delight.
Lorene At The Beach   Artist: Kacey Miyagami [M]

The four-breasted golden foxtaur, Lorene, enjoying a day at the beach.
Khaos Skunktaur   Artist: Ayame [G]

Khaos as a skunktaur.
Hunting Dog   Artist: Keanu [G]

This canine taur is on the hunt.

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